DIGITARC General Arrow Counter Information  


Let DIGITARC Work For You........

Keep accurate track of competitions and your training schedule.
Know how good you are before participating in competitions.
Maintenance Costs:
Use the safe life span of your bowstring, down to the last arrow.
Calculate your average scores per day, month, year or competition.
Compare your scores with teammates and opponents.

How They Work:
The DIGITARC Arrow Counter's  are designed to react on 
the  vibrations  that a bow produces when closing. A special 

sensor detects these vibrations and reduces them to one 

single signal within a period of a few seconds. This signal is 

processed by the counter unit and added as a shot on 

the displayed value.

All unit are pre-adjusted in our factory for use under normal
 conditions. The units are not affected when the archer rests 

his bow on the stabilizer. However, if some archers want to 

have a more or less sensitive unit, all arrow counters have 

an inside sensitivity regulation screw.

DIGITARC arrow counters are powered by a replaceable 
normal  3 volt  #2032 battery with 4 years lifetime.

DIGITARC arrow counters are waterproof so far as they are 
used under normal conditions.

Display Position:
With all units the display window of the counter can be rotated
  after screwing the unit on the bow or stabilizer.

All units have a one year warranty term if used in normal conditions.

DIGITARC - arrow counter;  powered by a replaceable battery with 4 years lifetime, 
waterproof, with RESET button, for use from 28 lb..



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